We are all Living our Spiritual Journey Now!

Do you feel that a spirit journey is not for you or that you just don’t have time for one in this busy life?  We are all living our spirit journey every day of our physical life. I truly believe that everything that is physical is spiritual and every thing that is spiritual is physical. Before we came into this life we knew everything there was to know about spirituality. Have you ever had moments in your life when you might have a flash of insight into a project or how to handle a problem in your life. That is us remembering way back when we knew it all. So our spirit body is having a physical experience. Continue reading

My Story

Welcome to my first post in my Spiritual journey!  This is very exciting for me. I never thought that this day would come that I would be well enough to share. Sharing my story is part of the therapy that an abuse victim does. When I am totally healed then I will not have a desire to share it as much.  But I will always have a great need to help others no matter what they have been through. Continue reading