Do You Have Spiritual Gifts?

Welcome, I am so happy to have you here today.  Do you have Spiritual Gifts? Some of you may say no, or maybe, or yes I sure do!


The truth is that we are all born with Spiritual Gifts it’s just that sometimes we just don’t realize that we have them. Many times it is not time for a gift to mature into your life . But, believe me when it’s time they will make themselves known to you.  Sometimes we are so used to these gifts just being a part of us that you just don’t realize that they are there. This is how it was for me. Remember we are made from divine stuff so it would make sense that we inherited some of it!

First things first the spiritual gifts are from our Heavenly Father, or whatever name that you want to use, such as God, the Universe, the Great I Am, Higher Intelligence, it’s all the same some thing much higher than our intelligence.

As a little girl I would often think about deep spiritual things and could not really comprehend living for ever and ever. I was a very shy and thoughtful child and teenager. I didn’t have a lot of use for friends. I was just happy to be at home with family and the many animals that resided on our horse ranch.

I hated dating and it seemed a waste of time for me to cultivate a relationship with a guy unless it was someone who I truly wanted to be with FOREVER! This was my goal.

I truly believe that people come into our lives for very different reasons. Most of the time they are here for us to learn something from them or for them to learn something from us or give us the much comfort that we need from time to time. Many people come into our lives for a very short time just to say hi and tell us spiritually that we are in the right place at the right time. Synchronicity!

One of the gifts that I developed very early in life was the gift of discernment. This gift is so major to all of us. If you don’t think that you have this gift then ask the Father for it and he will give it to you. It will truly keep you away from the dark side of life if you choose to use it.

As soon as I met my husband to be I knew that he was the one that I was to spend my life with. No doubt, but many family and friends doubted my decision.  I knew that he had many troubles that had been imbedded in him from his childhood but I was okay with that. This was my start to learning unconditional love.  Which has been a gift that I ask for many times. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it and some of the experiences that come along with it just might hurt a bit!  lol

Faith in my Father in Heaven was another early gift that I received. I always knew there was a God and never, ever, have questioned it.  I learned very early to go to him for everything.  I knew that he was always there and never left me alone.

Prayer is a very powerful tool and as I got older my prayers went from a child’s sweet prayer to prayers that were very soul-searching.  At the time I would have never dreamed that this communication would be the only communication that I would use to talk to someone about the abuse that was being inflicted on me and my children.

Now, many prayers were not answered at once and some were not answered for years. But, I had always had someone to talk my troubles out with. I found that pray is a passport to spiritual power! In many of my heart-felt prayers I was shown visions that would help me build my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ.

There were many times that I was given dreams that showed me just how much I was connected with my Savior and his Father and yes they are two different beings. We will get into that in another post.

The Savior is our mediator for us to our Heavenly Father. I was having a tough time understanding this concept so I ask for an experience of how to understand it better.  First of all when we pray our Heavenly Father receives the prayers first and then the Savior Jesus Christ who is the God of this world mediates between His Father and us. Perhaps by sending Angels to us, communicating through the Spirit of the Holy Ghost on our behalf etc.

So I knelt to pray and ask for some kind of understanding that this soul of mine could understand.  I knelt by my bedside and received no answer. I was not frustrated yet. I got up and walked around and did a few things around the house and then felt prompted to kneel again in prayer. There I was shown the beautiful face of our Lord and Savior.

I know that he is a perfect being but for my purpose I was shown his face as he would have looked like living on this earth.  He was beautiful and peaceful. But in his face I could see lines of worry and love for me and that he truly loved me and did indeed answer my prayers.  Everything was given to me through my heart and through my emotions. I never had to ask again. I knew he loved me and wanted the best for me. I know that they are worried more about my spiritual progress than my physical comfort.

This was such a beautiful experience for me and has aided me a lot through the years. I will be writing more about prayer throughout this blog it is a vital tool in our lives and will bring us deeper into spirituality.

Please if you have questions leave a comment or email me. No question is ever stupid. If you read this let me know what you think. It will help me direct my writing. What interests you the most what are you struggling with?

I pray for you all and your spiritual success in life.

Much love and light!


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4 thoughts on “Do You Have Spiritual Gifts?

  1. So glad you started this blog; it is much needed! I have had dream experiences and a wonderful Mother Mary twilight dream experience that still haunts me to this day (in a good way) that make me think something higher is going on. Looking forward to hearing more from you and your experiences.


  2. Very beautiful Jo. The power of prayer is amazing! It has been such a blessing in my life. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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