Visiting Angels

I have been thinking a lot about what to share this week and I have had so many things go through my mind but as I was meditating this morning the thought hit me very strongly that I should write about my experience with help from the other side of the veil. My Angels!

The light is you

Yup! I was communicating with my Angels during meditation. To me communicating with my Angels is something that I have done since I was a little girl. As I was grewing up prayer was a norm in the home. It’s just something that was done, whether it was praying over the food, praying in family prayer, night-time prayers, and private prayer, praying in church, or for a loved one through fasting and prayer.  I was in communication with my Heavenly Father throughout my day and night. I know that I was watched over and never, ever felt alone.

During the years that I was married and raising my family communication with the Divine became a must for me. I was totally alone and needed extra strength and guidance. When times were really hard I would literally go into my closet where I could be alone and it was quiet. There I would cry my heart out to my Father in Heaven and ask for a friend that I could share with. One particular time,  I ask earnestly  and pleaded for a friend. I was thinking a human friend. That’s not what the Father had in mind for me.


My first experience seeing an angel.

I must have been in my early thirties. I had just gotten into bed and I went to sleep very quickly.  I remember rolling over to the outside of the bed. There I was so startled and I jumped as I saw a heavenly lighted orb above my shoulder. Within this light was a beautiful being. She lovingly smiled at me and I felt comfort and all fear left me immediately.  I fell right back to sleep. For the next two nights after that I experienced seeing the lighted orb (the size of a person) at my bedside. I knew it was her. It was several months later that I was told who the being was.  I will share that in a moment.

So many times this experience has reminded me just how close we are to the other side. Once I was in the hospital with one of my children and it was life threatening.  This child had tried to take its life. I sat in the emergency room with this child as the emergency staff was trying to keep my child here and the thought came to me that there are many angels helping so this soul stays here on earth. The voice said just look around and I did and the room was full of Angels! They were busy helping.

"Praying hands" Angels by Andersson

Those who have pass on are here helping us. I call them my angels.

Another experience that I had, was one evening I had just cleared up the dinner dishes. My mother in law had shown up for dinner unexpected which happened quite often. My kids left the table to do homework. They didn’t enjoy her company and to tell you the truth neither did I. My husband at the time, his mom, and I sat down to relax and for some reason or another they got into me not cleaning the house and keeping up on the wash like I should.  My husband and his mother just went on and on about what I did not do right. I felt humiliated. I began to cry and ran up to my bedroom.

I was so tired after working a ten-hour day and coming home being a mom, chef, and housekeeper. I layed down on my bed and fell to sleep with tears in my eyes. Within minutes I dreamt that my husband’s step dad Van came to visit me. He had passed away about a year before this. I always loved this man we were always in hot water with his wife so we were kind of kindred spirits and he would come and visit me when she would kick him out of the house. In the dream he came with many of his family members, they were all in period clothing of which era they were from. This was because of some work that I did for them in one of the temples of my church. They came to say thank you. Van gave me a huge and patted my back. He spoke to me through telepathy and said that he loved me and thanked me for doing his and his family’s work.

I woke right up after the dream and I could still feel the place where Van had patted me on the back. I knew that he had come to give me strength and to say I understand what you are dealing with as far as his wife and stepson.  Van and his family were angels to me and this gave me much comfort.

I believe that there is a circle of Angels in my life as well as every one of you. I know because I have seen them and how they have worked in my life. They are the ones that have prompted me through my Father in Heaven to write my experiences in this blog. I want you to know that they are here for us! They want to help and see us suceed. Everyone has many angels around you all the time. No matter what you have done in your life or if you don’t feel you deserve to have one. Our angels are from God and they love us uncondtional.


My circle of angels go like this:

At the head of my circle is an angel that never leaves my side her name is Light or that is the name that she has given me to call her.  Through the Holy Spirit this angel gives me much love and comfort and guidance. She is a light to me and never ever leaves my side. Sometimes I feel as though she envelops me in her huge loving arms and I feel so warm and safe.

apache women | ... Day NDN Princess, lostnightzz: apache woman Beautiful Beautiful

Next is my angel Marie.  Now Marie is more of a Spirit guide to me. She has lived before and has passed on. She is a Native American women. She even showed me a picture of her and her family and she lived in the south-west area of the United States.  She never leaves my side and she has a great sense of humor. She makes me laugh.

"Trust what is not known to your mind. Trust what is known to your Heart." —Tony Samara ..*

Then there is the angel that appeared to me at my bedside. She is a Asian women and her name is Kuan Yin (click for more about her history). She is an ascended master and lived thousands of years ago in China. Kuan Yin comes and goes and is with me when I ask her to be or is there many times when I pray or meditate. She is an angel of compassion and great love. That is why she was with me so much when I was married.

Special note: I have never seen an angel with wings but they come through with energy and light it might look like they do. They have no need to fly like a bird they are beings of light and can get around very easily without wings.

Then there is my Father. He passed away in 2013. He is with me when I ask for him or when he is concerned about me and then comes to visit. He is there many times during prayer, meditation, in worship services at my church or  the temple. Dad is so very real when I see him. He is happy, full of light, love and forgiveness and wants nothing but the best for me and all of his loved ones on earth.

Clara M. Burd Book of better babies 

Next is Trinady.  My darling angel granddaughter. She passed when she was just three months old in 2011 the worst year of my life. She is very busy being with her immediate family but she will come and talk to me when I ask for her.  Trinady, Dad, and many other family members come during times of great joy and sorrow. They love to celebrate with their living family members and give us added love and comfort.

My inner angel circle.

I know that there are many angels that our Heavenly Father has available to him and many great angels. The world calls some of them Archangels. So far I have only met a couple of these amazing angels. My belief is that some of them have lived at one time on this earth. Archangel Michael is an angel that I have only gotten to know the last little while. He lived on earth and was known as Adam.  He helped christ create the earth. He is the first man who the bible talks about. He is amazing and is so beautiful and always comes in an aura of blue light. He protects me. That is his main job. I was always very careful not to call upon these very import archangels because I thought they would be to busy for me. But then the thought came to me, is The Father and his Son Jesus Christ to busy to hear me? No, of course they aren’t, they want us to call upon them.  So I started to talk to Michael and he answers!

Archangel Elijah and Metatron, onced lived upon the earth as well. Elijah is known as himself as in the bible, and Metatron is known in the bible as Enoch.  They were great prophets of their time.

My goal is to get to know these great angels. There are so many angels that are here to help us in our lives. All we need to do is ask! I could go on and on about how the Angels could help us but I will save that for another time.

Gods Warriors Prayer

Just ask!

People say to me “Why is it you have these experience and it seems so easy for you”. I just say I ask and wait and the answers come. I have always prayed for spiritual experiences and to see God’s hand in my life and it happens. I pray that my children and grandchildren have these experiences as well.  We need to get busy and put Spirit back into our daily lives! The time is coming when we will not be able to borrow from someone elses light! We need to have our own!

I don’t want to be left behind when all is said and done! Do you? It is so important to up our spiritual vibration and through doing so we help to lift up others vibration just by them being around us. Isn’t that a great thought? That by us being a better person so does the rest of the world? All we have to do is love. Love is the key!

I would love to hear about your experiences, many times people have these experiences and are afraid to share them. Sharing with someone that gets it is the best way!  I would love to answer any of your questions. Please leave a comment or email me at

Next post will be on How to contact your angels. We all can do it!

Sending you much love and light! Joanne

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4 thoughts on “Visiting Angels

  1. I loved reading about your experiences and would love to learn from your experiences of how to contact my angels. Whenever I have asked my mother( passed in Aug. 1997) to visit, she has in my dreams. I have had some very vivid dream experiences with my parents, esp. shortly after they passed that gave me comfort that they were okay.
    Also, I have always had a fondness for Archangel Michael and believe that he has protected me.
    Looking forward to your next post and thanks for starting this blog!


    • Phyllis I am so happy that you are enjoying the blog. I was a little worried that no one would read it. It sounds like you really have had some great experiences. That is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with me. On my Healing Wings Facebook page I have started a group that will be sharing experiences spiritual experiences. So if you are interested go to my Facebook page (type in Talking to Angels group). Have an awesome weekend!
      xoxo Jo


    • Thank you KerryAnne. I am so happy that you talk to your Angels! Love love it! Thank you for sharing. Please send out the word about my blog. I would love to have others share about their angels. Talking about it is so helpful to others.
      xoxo Jo


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