How to Hear Your Angels Talking to You.

Do you know when your angels are talking to you?  Do you know how to talk to your angels? If not, here are some tips that should be helpful to you as you get to know your angels better.


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Last week I wrote about some of the experiences I have had with my circle of angels. This week I will share another experience and then tell you how I became aware of my angels talking to me and how you can have the same thing going on in your life.  Anyone can. I do believe however that we can allow them into our lives as much as we will let them. It’s up to us and how much we want to let them in.

Shortly after my divorce I was out shopping at a craft store. I got out of the house just because I could not stand to be alone any longer.  I was distraught and feeling very lost.  I headed to my nearest Michael’s craft store just to get some kind of distance between me and my problems. It had only been a few months since I had left the hospital and was still recouping from a lot of drama.

I walked into the store and grabbed a basket and started down the first isle. I was so self-absorbed that I didn’t even watch where I was going and as I turn the corner I rammed right into a lady and her basket.  I told how sorry I was and she said to me “You don’t ever have to apologize to me”.   I started to cry, the sweet lady got into her huge bag and pulled out a new package of tissues, the ones in rainbow colors, and handed them to me. (I still have that packet of tissue today) Then I started to tell her my story. We talked for about 45 mins. She smiled, and hugged me then we both went our separate ways through the store. As I went around the corner of the next aisle I thought of something that I wanted to ask her. I ran right back to where she was, it had only been seconds since I left her. I could not find her anywhere. She was know where in the store. I looked down at my new package of rainbow tissues and smiled. I knew that it was a special visit from an angel. That’s why she said that I never have to apologize to her!

Lady vignette

Angels are always there even if we think we don’t need them. A visit from a heavenly being is just what the doctor ordered (or should I say God). I’m so grateful for healing angels!

For me, learning to listen to my angels has been a process. But through a great desire and a lot of prayer my Heavenly Father introduced them to me one at a time.   For years I was in tune to listening what I call the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. They are basically on the same level.  In my terms the Holy Ghost is in charge of the angel spirits. He is also the great testifier. Do not confuse the two. It’s important that we understand that they are spirit so they can dwell inside of us. Deep you say?!  Yeah for sure. Don’t stop reading now it’s just getting good!  But once you start to understand the spirit it starts to become a part of you. The really good part of you!

  1. We are all given a guardian angel before conception. EVERYONE!
  2. It’s up to you to get know this beautiful angel.
  3. Your angel loves you unconditionally!  She cries with you, laughs with you, and wants nothing but the absolute best for you.
  4. You are the most important person to her. (I say her because mine is female).
  5. Your angel has a name, one that you both decided on before you came to earth.
  6. Your guardian angel is appointed by God.
  7. Your guardian angel can touch you and many times you will feel it.
  8. Your angels know your whole life story and whisper in your hear all the time.
  9. They are never judgemental, just pure light!
  10. Your angel will never leave you!

These thoughts above are from me getting to know my guardian angel, and other angels over the years and asking questions and receiving answers.

We are all born with the light of Christ which enables us to commune with the Spirit. We are all divine creations of our Father in Heaven. Isn’t that marvelous?!

Here is how I connect with my guardian angels. 

  1. When a bright idea comes into my mind then I know that it is from the Spirit. Many times it comes in my own voice.
  2. If you’re not sure if you have a guardian angel ask for a small sign and if you are not given one keep asking!  I ask my angels to give me a sign when they are with me. Just then I had a ticklish feeling on the inside of my left forearm. I laughed, knowing that I have had this tickling sensation many times before and had not realized this was the sign that my angels use to get me to pay attention to them.
  3. Ask what you angels name is. You probably already know what it is because it is the name that you adore the most. Many times it will be just a very simple name because their names can get very long and complicated. When I ask my angel her name she showed me a picture in my mind of an angel holding a round ball of “LIGHT”.
  4. As we learn to communicate with our angels you will learn to grab the first thought that comes into your mind. That is always the answer from the Spirit. Don’t try to justify what the answer just act upon it and say thank you!
  5. Talk to your angels just like you would a very close friend and you will start to hear a conversation going on in your head. Practice makes perfect.
  6. My angels have a great sense of humor and I hear them laugh with me.
  7. I always feel a sense of peace when talking with them.IMG_2727

Receiving a life full of personal revelation.

There is an amazing awakening going on in the world at this time. I feel that the veil is so very close for many of us, and that all of us can receive lots of personal revelation throughout our lifetime. I need all of the personal guidance that I can get. But, in order to progress we must be willing to pay the price for beautiful spiritual gifts.  It is a price that will not only benefit us but everyone around us. Here are some steps that have helped me receive divine personal revelation and revelation for my family.

  1. Soul searching and clearing the negative. I have done a lot of soul-searching in my life and through this I have been able to understand what I really want. I want to live a beautiful, peaceful life and attract like-minded people. I try to stay away from people who bring me down and ones that take away my energy. Clearing the negative was a great soul cleanser. If there was something that I was feeling guilty about then I would search through the quilt. If I was offending someone I would go and seek out forgiveness from them and give a very heartfelt sorry.
  2. Aligning my life with righteousness. In order to have conversations with God’s appointed entities we need to be as God like as possible. The key to that is loving unconditionally. Treating others as we would like to be treated. Sure we are always going to make mistakes and say things that we shouldn’t but then we just stop ourselves and try harder.
  3. Being honest. This one is huge. So many people are out to get what they want no matter the cost. But, if we live Christ like lives then we will always have what we need and be happy with what we have. Being dishonest is a sure way to keep personal revelation away.
  4. Charity.  The true love of Christ is charity. Nothing feels better than to give of yourself and the feeling is unexplainable. A friendly smile or small act of kindness can change lives. I have seen it happen.
  5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop the drama and quit being the victim. When we are so caught up in our own drama our energy vibration goes down and so does our light and love. A friend of mine was going through a tough time with breast cancer. She was married and had seven children. When she started to feel self-pity coming on she would whip up a batch of cookies and take them to someone who needed to be cheered up that day. This beautiful lady was cured of her cancer and has been cancer free for over 20 years!
  6. Prayer. Praying will teach us much about ourselves. If you are not used to praying and don’t really know how to begin just ask you angels what to pray for and soon your mind will become clear and you will know how to pray and what to pray for.
  7. Meditation. Wow!  This one has opened up a lot of spiritual doors and windows for me. Start with just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed. Work up to an hour a day or more. Meditation will help you stay calmer longer and will help you through tough times. You will find that you have known need to be right all the time and true clarity will come. There are a lot of guided meditations on YouTube. Check them out they are amazing and free!
  8. Professional help.I believe that our Heavenly Father has given us many tools in life to become spiritual and they shouldn’t have to cost you a penny. Sometimes though some may need professional guidance to help them on their way to their goal. So seek out a good professional help and it’s okay!
  9. Listen closely to your thoughts and only act on the ones that are beautiful and good. The Spirit will not lead you astray.
  10. Angels do not talk or direct me! I have heard all of the excuses. But think, you are here reading this now, who do you think directed you to my blog if not the angels!

There you go! It truly shows that your angels are with you and that our Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to learn and know that you are not alone. Please pass this post on to someone who you know this might help in some way. Yup! the angels are working through you to!

Everything good comes from above!

Sending lots of love and light your way!  Joanne

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8 thoughts on “How to Hear Your Angels Talking to You.

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful post-what a wonderful way to start my day! Loved the story of your angelic visit at the craft store and your ten tips that I will keep referring to. You are correct-I believe like minds find each other; so glad I found your design blog and this one. Have a blessed weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am very happy to have found your blog today. I have been needing to come back to thinking and living my life more along these lines.


    • Susie, I am so happy that we crossed paths! That’s your angels leading you here and I have prayed and ask for like minded souls like you to visit. We will learn much from each other. Please click follow so you can receive my posts in your inbox. Sending loving light and energy your way!
      xoxo Jo


  3. Hi Jo, I have always believed that angels are among us! Never thought to ask my angle her name. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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