We are all Living our Spiritual Journey Now!

Do you feel that a spirit journey is not for you or that you just don’t have time for one in this busy life?  We are all living our spirit journey every day of our physical life. I truly believe that everything that is physical is spiritual and every thing that is spiritual is physical. Before we came into this life we knew everything there was to know about spirituality. Have you ever had moments in your life when you might have a flash of insight into a project or how to handle a problem in your life. That is us remembering way back when we knew it all. So our spirit body is having a physical experience.


Spread a few seeds of kindness.

I am so glad that our intelligence have an instant recall. I call this promptings from the spirit of the Holy Ghost or light of Christ. When God sent us to this earth he did not plan on having us  to go it alone. He sent many, many spirit and physical entities to help us on our journey.  Thank goodness for this. During a time of great loneliness in my life I can recall never being alone.  Loved ones who had passed before me that I knew were with me, as well as ancestors that I had never met before, as well as our Heavenly Father’s large legions of angels. Just thinking about this makes me so filled with loved by him.

For 10 years I dealt with a very heavy depression. I always have imagined it as a window that was totally closed off from any light. Over the window was a heavy blind and over that are very heavy draperies. All of this not allowing light to come into my depressed life. As I started to heal and take credit for my own life the heavy draperies started to open a little at a time. Little by little more and more light came into my life and healing was able to take place.

As I have said in other posts I suffer from social anxiety, and after the divorce it became worse. I felt unloved and worthless and had lots and lots of fear. The biggest fear was that all people in the world were like the ones that had hurt me so deeply. To an abused mind it seemed normal for me to think this because if family and close friends were like this to me why wouldn’t other people in the world be the same. I trusted no one and when I was in social settings I was very uncomfortable. Many times I thought that I would pass out or hyperventilate.  There were times when I would leave and walk home just to get away.  The problem is that unless you have experienced this kind of trauma in your life you just don’t completely understand. Some people would say “oh just get over it and move on”, or “it’s be long enough now buck up!” Of course with me this kind of behavior from others just made it worse.

One of my problems was not having the money for my own transportation. When I did feel like getting out of the home for a while I did not have a way to get to the places I wanted to go. Because of physical disabilities I was unable to walk to take the bus or train. Many people were kind and would take me with them to activities but I found most people only wanted to help out once or twice and then figured they had done their good deed for the rest of their lives and it would soon end.  I just felt like a big burden to everyone. This is something that I will hope will change in humanity that they will be there for those in need for the long run.


Trans form yourself into a healing butterfly.

Being a Sensitive Empath and Claircognizant made matters worse for me because I could feel inside of people’s emotions that were helping me, I felt resentment at times rather than joy for those who needed their help.

Someday humanity will start thinking from their heart chakra rather than their lower chakras. I am starting to feel this in the world now. The thing is people will have to let go of selfishness, vanity, and worldly possessions as being the most important things in the world. We need to bring back love honest unconditional love and forget ourselves.  If we could only look at life as being just a small moment in our eternal existence and realize that we are here to learn and then move on with love and joy in our hearts.

How do we do this? What brings lasting joy to you? Stop and take time to reflect about your life. The times I felt joy were the experiences of  giving birth to my children and the joy that a sweet brand new soul can only bring, or when I was privileged  to see a grandchild come into this world. Many times lasting joy is but a small moment in our life, like for me seeing a flock of beautiful geese fly overhead, or getting an unexpected call from a friend that I hadn’t heard from for a long time and wanted to say I love you.

I think that lasting joy is something that is given freely and not bought. Lasting joy is something that will be with us forever and will be there for us to drawn upon all our lives. So again I ask how do we do this?


I believe it is tied up in one single word. LOVE. When we freely give love to others it brings a joyous vibration not just to you or the one receiving it but to the whole world. Imagine if everyone showed more love and charity in this life what kind of world would we be living in. It would be a world without wars, hunger, hate, but a world so full of love that it would be like heaven on earth.

Many people say “I’m just one person what good can I do?” It’s like a domino effect and it is truly contagious and others feel this kind of love. My new neighborhood is such a great example of this. Many of these lovely people don’t even think twice about helping others they just act when they see a need.

A while back I was going through a really tough time financially and Social Security had cut my paycheck by a large amount. When you are on a very fixed income there is just no room in the budget for this. I was to the point of do I pay my rent or do I buy food. I paid my rent and then left the rest up to my Heavenly Father. He provided as always in his time because I am stubborn,  and his rules which are always right for me to learn by.

I found because I was not eating well that I became sick a lot and my strength was even weaker than it usually was. I had another choice given to me. Do I ask for help from my church and friends or get sicker and sicker.

I was in a church meeting one Sunday morning and listened to a beautiful lesson on self-reliance. This sweet lady said that she had to learn to ask for help and that it was not easy. It is much easier to be the giver than the receiver. Pride always seems to come in. Pride,  I thought that I had stripped pride from my life but it does come in many forms. After listening to this beautiful lesson I decided to gird up my loins. I went and ask for help from my church and they were so happy to help me. I was over whelmed by love. There was no judgement just just pure unconditional love.  From that moment on I received many blessings from loving neighbors and offerings of many cooked meals brought to my front door. I accepted them with a heart full of love and graditude not pride.

As I think about the learning process that I have gone through in life I realize that I am never going to be too young or to old to be taught great lessons, valuable lesson that will be with me forever. I will pay these beautiful charitable deeds forward and thank Heavenly Father daily for them.

One morning as I was talking to my Father in Heaven he said to me. “Give with a pure heart and expect nothing in return”. That’s pure divine advice that I am passing on to you. So if you think that you are not having a spiritual journey think twice and look around and find the joy in your life and take time to reflect on the tough times you have been through and the out comes and what you have learned from them.

There are still many times when I get really down and that’s when I pull out my gratitude journal and start to write everything that I am grateful for. It works every time and keeps me from thinking about me! I don’t like who I am when I think about just me!

Here is a few simple steps that help to pull me out of me.

  • I take it in, think about what is bothering me and why.
  • I let myself get angry, sometimes I vent and scream a little.
  • Then I release it and let it go.
  • I try not to dwell upon it again. If I find myself dwelling on it again then I repeat the process with prayer and meditation.

It really works for me. I hope that you pray over what I write and ask God what you can learn from this. I write and share this just for you. It is something that God has ask me to do. Please share this and leave a comment. Remember we did not stumble upon one another by chance!

Sending you much light and love your way!

xoxo Joanne

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art work collage

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blue angel.jpg

Blue Angel

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4 thoughts on “We are all Living our Spiritual Journey Now!

  1. I love the idea of a gratitude journal! Being grateful for what one has instead of dwelling on what one does not have is a great way to begin and end the day. You have been very inspirational to me by the way you have taken the lemons in your life and made lemonade and created your own destiny by creating your own blogs and your Etsy shop.
    I love your Blue Angel print and am looking forward to your jewelry; I hope you are inspired to create some more angel wing jewelry.


    • Phyllis you always make me feel so good about what I am supposed to be doing. Sometimes is really takes a leap of faith to listen to the promptings of the spirit. I know that I have lacked courage and through doing this it is making me stronger. Thank you so much for your comments my friend.
      xoxo Jo


  2. I think it’s so important to stop and realize how grateful we are. Even in times of strife and turmoil, there are still things to be thankful for! And LOVE is the most important of all! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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