Joanne’s Spiritual Journey


Hi I’m Joanne E Boulter

I am a Sensitive Empath and Psychic. I am deeply spiritual and a true follower of Jesus Christ. Some say that you can’t be a Christian and have these gifts, well I say different. They are called gifts of the spirit and everyone on this earth receives at least one.

 You may have been to my other blog Anne’s Attic – design. There I share my passion of Shabby Chic and Flea Market design for the home. Making a truly lovely home for pennies!

This blog will be very different. I will be sharing my experiences of spirituality that helped me through 35 years of narcissistic abuse. The Savior was truly there for me and gave me much comfort until it was time to leave the relationship and he is still with me stronger than ever!

I am a mother of four children and 10 grandchildren with one Angel grandchild.  I love Interior Design, Art, Reading, walking through nature and giving thanks.

Take a walk with me and discover for yourself your own gifts of the spirit that you may have never known about, or see how to develop them more fully to help make this world beautiful and bright. It’s all about love and light this will bring our earth to the newness that we are all looking for.

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